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About Magna Skills

If you work in Government departments, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) or Public sector, Magna Skills is Your partner in Capacity Building Workshops, Virtual & Online Classes. We have a team of experienced and professional Facilitators.

Our solutions and programmes can be adapted to suit your business need, operational demand and training timelines either online, face-to-face or as a blended approach. Your learning outcomes will be the guiding principle behind any proposed solution.

Find out more about Magna Skills’ approach to face-to-face, digital learning, course design, and online delivery here.

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Who We Are

At Magna Skills Development Institute, we are a passionate team dedicated to excellence in education. We value accessibility, innovation, empowerment, diversity, community engagement, lifelong learning, ethical conduct, sustainability, and a results-oriented approach in all that we do

Mission Statement

At Magna Skills Development Institute, our mission is to empower individuals through accessible online and face-to-face short courses. We are dedicated to providing high-quality education and skills development, fostering personal growth, and promoting lifelong learning.


We aim to be a global leader in skills development, renowned for our transformative impact on individuals and communities. Our vision is to create a dynamic learning environment that adapts to the evolving needs of our students, enabling them to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Our Values

At Magna Skills Development Institute, we value excellence, accessibility, innovation, empowerment, diversity, community engagement, lifelong learning, ethical conduct, sustainability, and a results-oriented approach in all that we do

For those who prefer face-to-face interactions and hands-on learning, we provide in-person training at our state-of-the-art facilities. Our in-person courses offer a dynamic and immersive learning environment, where students can benefit from direct instructor guidance, practical exercises, and the opportunity to network with peers in their chosen field.

We offer a diverse range of online classes, making high-quality education accessible to learners worldwide. Our online courses are designed to be interactive, flexible, and tailored to individual needs, allowing students to acquire new skills or enhance existing ones from the comfort of their own homes. Our cutting-edge online platform fosters engagement, collaboration, and personalized learning experiences.

In our commitment to promoting excellence and continuous improvement, we facilitate benchmarking initiatives that enable organizations to gain valuable insights by visiting counterparts in the same industry. These benchmarking visits are designed to provide firsthand exposure to best practices, innovations, and operational strategies. By fostering international and cross-industry exchanges, we help organizations refine their own processes and strategies, driving growth and competitiveness in today's global landscape. Our benchmarking programs provide a unique opportunity for hands-on learning and knowledge sharing, empowering organizations to stay at the forefront of their respective industries

We host educational conferences that bring together experts, thought leaders, and learners from various industries. These conferences serve as a platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and the exchange of best practices. Our conferences feature keynote speakers, panel discussions, and workshops on cutting-edge topics, enriching the learning experience beyond the classroom.

We understand the importance of fostering cohesive and productive teams within organizations. Our in-house and team-building programs are customized to meet the specific needs of businesses. Through experiential learning and team-building activities, we help organizations enhance their employees' skills, communication, and collaboration, resulting in a more efficient and motivated workforce.