Public Policy for Development


The course is also intended to develop your skills to become a lifelong learner with independence of thought, self-awareness, and the capacity to communicate your acquired knowledge and research findings to specialist and non-specialist audiences. In addition, by providing examples of how public policy and development economics are currently applied in developing countries, you may also acquire the techniques and ability to critique development policy and apply your existing knowledge in a variety of contexts.
The course is based on contributions from a range of disciplines, especially development economics, but also includes politics, accounting, management and information systems, and the study of public policy and public sector reform and management in a changing environment within an international context. The core course units provide you with a skill-set to critique and apply policy, with this complemented by the optional units that allow you to tailor your

Course Deliverables

  • Have an understanding of the different conceptual and theoretical perspectives applied to public policy and management
  • Have an understanding of the principles and practices underlying the implementation of public policy and management processes
  • Have developed skills in initial analysis of public policy and management and in communicating their analysis in the form of clearly written and readable documents
  • Have a good command of current theory, policy and practice in relation to some of the following specialist areas; public policy process and methods, public sector economics, development and economic policy, privatisation and pubic enterprise reform, public sector accounting and organisational change
  • Have developed basic research skills through a supervised dissertation project