Advanced Leadership Development Program


The Advanced Leadership Program (ALDP) focuses on self and interpersonal development, in addition to the management of groups and teams, with the goal of helping delegates expand their understanding around leadership choices. ALDP stresses self-awareness, goal-setting, cross-cultural competencies, and people development.

The ALDP tackles the toughest leadership challenges facing leaders in transplantation. As the medical environment becomes more complex, successful transplant programs require innovative leadership strategies to remain competitive and profitable.

Course Deliverables

  • Leadership dynamics and how it differs from management
  • The need for leadership development from a global and an African perspective
  • The link between personal development, continuous learning and leadership ability
  • Developing them to lead multi-discipline teams tasked to facilitate business improvement and socio-economic transformation
  • Acquiring the competence to lead a system (resources) and to develop
  • Technology and innovation related activities to meet their business objectives
  • Providing personal development opportunities for them to contribute significantly to the development of wealth.
  • This business driven action learning programme intends to clarify the contexts and perspectives required to take on more complex management & leadership challenges.
  • We highly encourage you to work with your supervisor to select a professional development program and he individual courses to take to complete the program.