Public Relations Management


Leaders are role models in planning, communication, and coaching and employee recognition. Their efforts result in increased employee loyalty, greater innovation and improved customer satisfaction. The course covers customer service management responsibilities, from the most fundamental tasks of hiring, training, coaching and teambuilding to quality assurance and leadership skills. This challenging and highly participative programme will focus on creating and managing effective teams, dealing with difficult customers, understanding behavioral styles and proven leadership strategies as well as creating a competitive outlook of the organization.

A customer-focused organization is grounded in the belief that long-term success depends on a commitment to customer satisfaction throughout the entire organization. This programme focuses on what it takes to build the culture, the processes and the relationships that will lead to long-term growth and financial sustainability. In an environment of media scrutiny and greater public demands for freedom of information, an organization’s essential asset (its brand value) is its reputation

Course Deliverables

  • Describe the importance of the leader as a role model for customer service excellence.
  • Establish the importance of setting and reviewing customer service standards.
  • Describe techniques to motivate teams and individuals for peak performance.
  • Bolster your organisation’s reputation through an effective public relations programme and strategy.
  • Prepare a PR crisis manual and train others in PR crisis handling.
  • Understand the fast-shifting digital environment, and how it can work for you.
  • Develop effective communication strategies to promote team building.