Monitoring, Evaluation and Impact Assessment

Land, Agriculture and Food Sciences

Course Overview

Given the demands that are made on policy-makers and public service providers from a multitude of sources and constituencies, and the finite resources that are available to meet these demands, it is important to know ahead of time which policy or practice initiatives can make the greatest difference and yield the maximum benefit for the greatest number of people.

The aim of this programme is to help policy makers and public service practitioners learn how to assess the impact of policy and practice initiatives before these initiatives are embarked upon, and how to think about evaluating policies and programmes going forward. Participants will understand the basic principles of impact evaluation and assessment, and the different ways of assessing policy and practice impacts.

Course Objectives

  • Improve the planning, procurement and management of impact evaluations and assessments
  • Use the methods of impact evaluation to identify the most effective, efficient and value for money policy initiatives
  • Improve the accountability of policy-making and public services in your locality, region or country

Course Outline

  • How to differentiate between impact evaluation and impact assessment, and the principles and practices of each
  • Implement impact evaluation and assessment in the policy process
  • Establish a ‘counterfactual’ (i.e. what is the likely impact of an alternative policy or practice initiative, or doing nothing at all)
  • Apply different methods of establishing the ‘counterfactual’ and the net impact of a policy or practice
  • Find existing evidence on effectiveness and impacting by using systematic reviews of evidence
  • Prioritise different impacts
  • Apply impact assessment in performance-managed government and service delivery
  • Establish the costs, cost-effectiveness, and cost-benefits of different policy or practice initiatives
  • Refer to examples of impact evaluations and assessments from developed and developing countries
  • Make use of professional analytical services to help in undertaking impact evaluations and assessments: social researchers, economists, statisticians, operational analysts 
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Course Features
  • 8 Weeks Online
  • 1-2 Weeks Classes
  • Certified

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