Agricultural Leadership Development Programme

Land, Agriculture and Food Sciences

Course Overview

This programme aims to provide and develop management skills as well as analytical and creative decision-making competencies for managers and individuals who function at a strategic management level. The programme focuses on strategic thinking and leadership within the changing and competitive agricultural and business environment. Delegates will acquire the competencies needed to deal with contemporary African challenges.

The delegates can be identified, selected and nominated for the program by their employers or they can enrol individually. 

Course Objectives

  • Develop leadership skills in and for organised agriculture and agribusiness.
  • Develop the participant’s ability to optimise diversity and group dynamics.
  • Provide guidance for the development of common understandings of the unique challenges and dynamics of agriculture.
  • Facilitate the crafting of a common vision with which opportunities can be pursued and challenges overcome.
  • Focus on both local and international agricultural issues.
  • Understand and analyse agricultural issues and their implications;
  • Contribute to the establishment of a stronger agricultural sector in Africa;
  • Develop and manage change and transformation programmes; and
  • Provide leadership in dealing with diversity and group dynamics at a strategic level. 

Course Outline

Strategic management and scenario planning in agriculture

  • Understanding the strategic management process
  • Environmental analysis of the international and local business environment
  • Economic and political realities and outlooks
  • Global trends - implication and future
  • Competitor analysis
  • Vision, mission and values in strategy formulation
  • Setting strategic direction
  • Scenario planning for the future
  • Strategy development and options
  • Strategy implementation and pitfalls
  • Corporate governance

Financial management in agriculture

  • Role and duty of the financial manager
  • Understanding the core concepts required
  • Financial statements
  • Cash flow budgeting and management
  • Investment and financial decisions
  • Financial control and discipline
  • Financial ratio analysis
  • Role of financial institutions
  • Financial position of the commercial farmer

Marketing and supply chain management in agribusiness

  • Marketing environment of agriculture and present marketing issues
  • Concepts in strategic marketing management
  • Marketing and pricing strategies
  • Marketing issues in international trade
  • Supply chain analysis
  • Role and analysis of stakeholders
  • International business, markets, contracts, threats, opportunities, etc.

Project management in agriculture

  • Project management in agriculture
  • Definition and principles of project management
  • Project planning, the role of management, time management and conflict management
  • Project management in strategic implementation

Business planning in agriculture

  • Purpose and outline of the business plan
  • Integration of the different areas / modules
  • Business audit
  • Production, marketing and financial planning
  • Implementation of the business plan
  • Compiling a business plan

Personal development

  • Knowing yourself
  • Team building
  • Leadership and transformation
  • Change management
  • Negotiation skills
  • Presentation and Communication Skills
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Course Features
  • 8 Weeks Online
  • 1-2 Weeks Classes
  • Certified

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