Advanced Skills for Executive Secretaries
Course Summary:

The 21st century administrative assistant, executive secretaries and PA’s play a vital role in supporting management. Understanding the key techniques and skills of management will increase the level of positive support they can give. An appreciation of the role of management will enhance communication and lead to more efficient working environment. This course will supply participants with an awareness of the management skills they require to produce enhanced results.

Course Objectives:

  • Define the role of the Administrative Assistant, Executive PA/Secretary as part of the management Team, for the 21st century organization
  • Contribute more effectively by understanding your own organization and the business environment
  • Use appropriate management skills to influence work flow
  • Design, implement and evaluate office procedures to enhance productivity
  • Develop your basic teamwork skills and explore how to make the most of your available time
  • Effectively communicate verbally and in writing to all levels
  • Adopt a systematic approach to decision making and problem solving
  • Discover how a competency based recruitment system can ensure effective staff selection.

Course Outline

Functions of Management (21st Century Methodologies)
Management theory and practice
Planning, organizing, leading and controlling
The management of change
Six sigma

Human Resources Management
Effective communication
Interpersonal skills (negotiations & conflict management)
Leadership and team building
Time management and delegation
Performance appraisal
Group dynamics and group behaviour
Personnel and human resources management

Financial Management
Physical and financial budgeting
Management accounting and decision making
Interpretation of financial reports
Marketing management

Information Management
Information systems and technology
Computer application
Management information and information management

Understanding Self and Others
Understanding what makes us what we are, Hilltops
The Personality Triangle
Using Emotional Intelligence to develop customer relations

Assertive Face to Face Communication
The role of body language, voice and words
How to listen well
How to give and take instructions

Effective Telephone Communication
Business writing
E-mail Etiquette
How to write minutes and agendas

Competency-Based Recruitment
How to write or interpret core competencies which will relate to all roles
Role specific competencies
Questions you should ask at the interview to test the competencies

Change Management
Change models and processes
Why people resist change
Characteristics of successful organizational change

How to Make Great Decisions
The six step decision making process
How to address conflict and see it as a positive
Using the Six Thinking Hats to solve problems

Making Time Work for you
Knowing your barriers to good time management through the time log.
Understanding the key results areas of your role
Declaring war on time
Ideal vs. actual use of time

Developing a Professional Image
Characteristics of a professionalhow to look, how you speak, how you react under pressure.
Improving your credibility through networking and becoming more visible.
How to develop confidence and self esteemlearning the secrets of positive thinking and cutting out “choke” in your life

Events Management
Project Management
Selecting the venue

General Computer Application
Mastering Microsoft Application Software:
Micro soft Word
Micro soft Excel
Micro soft Access
Micro soft Power Point