Policy Development and Strategic Management

Accounting and Auditing

Course Overview

This course addresses the strategic management of organisations, including the formulation of longer term strategic directions, the planning of objectives and supporting strategies, and the control of strategic implementation. It provides Participants with an understanding of the approaches and tools for planning and controlling strategy at the organisation and sub-unit levels, as well as experience in case analysis and practical application of planning and control skills. Topics include evaluating the strategic environment, industry and competitive analysis, formulating mission and setting objectives, strategy selection and implementation, and strategic control. Also considered are specialist issues in strategic management such as technology and not-for-profit organisation management, corporate social responsibility and environmental strategies.

The course covers basic strategic management principles, skills and tools and is aimed at middle-management and business owners who require knowledge of strategic management. Participants will understand and apply the strategic management process; execute the elements of the process, such as internal and external environmental analyses; master the use of tools for analysis; determine broad and narrow strategies; and be able to debate leadership issues.

Course Objectives

  • An understanding of the political, economic, technological, social and cultural environments of businesses.
  • An understanding of the theories, concepts and tools that support strategic management in organisations.
  • An appreciation of the implications of structure, culture and operations on the strategic management of organizations.
  • Capacity to understand the significant issues of strategy in business and management.
  • Ability to evaluate and synthesise information and existing knowledge from numerous sources and experiences.
  • Capacity to apply relevant theories and concepts to inform the demands of business and management practice.
  • Ability to recognize the limits of management and strategy and a capacity to identify, develop and apply alternative methods where necessary.
  • Ability to interpret complex business issues and ascertain their causes and effects through application of appropriate tools, then develop feasible and constructive solutions and provide advice to business managers.
  • Capacity to participate constructively in team situations to complete shared tasks and meet deadlines
  • High level analytical, critical thinking and problem solving skills, high level oral communication skills, high level written communication skills.

Course Outline

  • Strategy: origins, history and application
  • The strategic management process and its elements
  • External environmental analysis
  • Internal environmental analysis
  • Gap analysis
  • Generic strategic options
  • Specific strategic options
  • Selecting the correct strategy
  • Implementation of the selected strategy
  • Strategic control mechanisms
  • Tools for application, such as SWOT and Porter
  • Critical insights on leadership issues
  • Culture during and after the strategic process
  • Strategic Management Concepts
  • Industry Analysis: An Overview of the External Environment and the Internal Environment, Competitive Positioning via Cost Leadership versus Differentiation, Value Chain Analysis
  • Game Theory Approach to Competitive Dynamics
  • Business Strategies in Different Industry Contexts: Technology-Based versus
  • Mature Industries
  • Corporate-Level Strategy: Scope of the Firm and Vertical Integration, Multinational Corporations. Diversification
  • Current Trends and New Challenges in Strategic Management
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