Project Proposal Writing and Fund Raising

Project Management

Course Overview

Organizational Fundraising is designed to provide essentials skills and insights for staff of Palestinian non-profit organizations in their search for project funding.

This course will focus on: identifying potential funding partners; composing written proposals; approaches to follow-up correspondence; closing the deal. The course provides a strong theoretical foundation and involves interactive practical activities, with the goal of enhancing participants negotiating skills and ability to secure project funding.

Importantly, the approach used by Magna Skills Development Institute expert trainer is that NGO’s and project staff in search of funding are in a position of influence, offering appropriate donors accountable and transparent outcomes for in-need projects. 

Course Objectives

  • Comprehend the core process needed for fundraising;
  • Reliably identify potential sources of funding.
  • Write professional, effective, persuasive requests for funding;
  • Confidently "pitch" your case for funding orally;
  • Effectively handle any "closing" aspects of the negotiation

Course Outline

Project Proposal Overview

  • What is (and what is NOT) a Project?
  • 6 Project Phases
  • Project Design
  • Project Planning
  • Issues to be Considered at the Beginning of the Project Planning

Understanding the Agency and the Funding Environment

  • Understanding the Funding Environment
  • Other Funding Considerations
  • Proposal Scoring
  • Focus on Collaboration
  • Writing a Proposal for a Collaborative

Needs-Based Program Development

  • Understanding the Community through Data
  • Understanding Barriers to Service
  • Program Design and Theoretical Orientations
  • Conceptualizing Proposal Ideas
  • Sustainability and Transferability

Writing the Problem Statement

  • Definition
  • The Purpose of the Problem Statement
  • A Guide to Writing the Problem Statement

Writing Goals, Objectives and Implementation Activities

  • Program Goals
  • Formulating Objectives
  • Developing the Implementation Plan
  • Writing the Project Narrative

Writing the Evaluation Plan

  • The Benefits of Evaluation
  • Developing an Evaluation Plan
  • Writing the Evaluation Section
  • Other Evaluation Considerations

Creating Budget and Estimation

  • Types of Budget
  • Budgeting For the First-Time Granwriter
  • Other Budgeting Issues

Agency Capability and Final Steps

  • The Agency Capability Statement
  • Requesting Letters of Support
  • The Proposal Abstract
  • The Title and Title Page
  • The Cover Letter

Fundraising Planning: The Fundraising Audit

  • Introduction
  • A Planning Framework
  • The Fundraising Audit
  • Analytical Tools
  • The SWOT Analysis

Marketing Research for Fundraising

  • Introduction
  • Definition
  • Stating the Research Problem and Research Objectives
  • Secondary versus Primary Data
  • Qualitative Research
  • Quantitative Research Techniques
  • Taking a Sample
  • Questionnaire Design
  • Data Analysis
  • Using External Research Agencies

Strategic Planning: The Fundraising Plan

  • Introduction
  • Setting Fundraising Objectives
  • Key Strategies
  • Overall Direction
  • Market Segmentation: Segmenting Individual Donor Markets
  • Segmenting Business Markets
  • Evaluating the Suitability Of Segments
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