Advanced Human Resources Development Programme

Human Resources Management

Course Overview

This advanced course is designed for HR professionals who wish to make an effective contribution at a strategic level in today’s rapidly changing organizations, internally or as external consultants. Delegates will integrate the knowledge gained through previous coursework and experience and build on that conceptual foundation through class discussions, real-life case studies, and practical application. Emerging issues in human resource management will be discussed. Covered topics include: transforming HR from the outside in, HR professionals as strategic partners, the six domains of HR competencies, advanced communication and negotiation tactics for effective dialogue with senior management, designing strategies to re-engage employees and heighten productivity, understanding and addressing the increasing multi-generational issues, and implementing a retention strategy that addresses the needs of all generations.
Advanced HR management skills such as consultation skills, coaching, change management, and facilitation skills will be explored and practiced. Delegates will learn how to safeguard their organization’s bottom-line by acquiring the high level skills needed to excel as an HR leader

Course Objectives

  • Explain the future trends influencing the workforce, the workplace, and HR
  • Identify the strategies for HR transformation
  • Describe the six domains of HR competencies of successful HR professionals
  • Practice various communication and negotiation tactics for effective dialogue with senior management
  • Design strategies to re-engage employees and heighten productivity
  • Illustrate the increasing multi-generational issues, and implement a retention strategy that addressesthe needs of all generations.
  • Practice advanced HR management skills such as consultation skills, coaching, change management,and facilitation skills
  • Apply the HR strategies and competencies learned to real life work situations

Course Outline


  • SHRM: a new way of managing
  • The nature, origins and implications of SHRM
  • Linking organisational and human resource strategies
  • A model for strategic human resource management
  • Managing performance
  • Performance management strategies
  • Training and development strategies
  • Managing the process of training and development
  • Managing structures
  • Organisational structuring and restructuring
  • Beyond organisational structure: the end of classical forms?
  • Managing learning
  • Learning organisations
  • Promoting learning in organisations
  • Managing change
  • Change management: strategies and assumptions
  • The role of culture in organisational performance
  • The possibilities of culture change


  • The enduring context of IHRM
  • The organisational context
  • Sustaining international business operations
  • Managing and supporting international assignments
  • Recruiting and selecting staff for international assignments
  • Training and development
  • Compensation
  • Performance management
  • Re-entry and career issues

Organisational Behaviour and Renewal 

  • Organisational development and reinventing the organisation
  • Organisational renewal: the challenge of change
  • Changing the culture
  • Understanding the OD process
  • The role and style of the OD practitioner
  • The diagnostic process
  • Overcoming resistance to change
  • Developing excellence in leaders
  • Process intervention skills
  • OD intervention strategies
  • Developing high performance in teams
  • Team development interventions
  • Intergroup development interventions
  • Goal setting for effective organisations
  • Promoting success in organisations
  • Continuous improvement processes and self-managed work teams
  • High performance systems and the learning organisation
  • Organisational transformation: strategic change

Research Methodology 

  • What is research?
  • Tools of research
  • The research problem
  • The literature review
  • Research planning and design
  • Planning the project
  • Writing a research proposal
  • Qualitative research methodologies
  • Historical research
  • Quantitative research methodologies
  • Descriptive research designs
  • Sampling
  • Strategies for analysing quantitative data
  • Preparing the research report 

Advanced Human Resource Development

  • Strategic HRD
  • International HRD trends
  • Skills development
  • Employment equity and BEE
  • Performance improvement
  • Human performance technology
  • Training needs analysis
  • Managing an HRD learning system
  • Learning management systems
  • Quality management systems
  • Career and talent management
  • Mentoring and coaching
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Course Features
  • 8 Weeks Online
  • 1-2 Weeks Classes
  • Certified

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