Advanced Human Resources Development Programme
Course Summary:

Magna Skills is excited to present the Advanced Human Resources Development course, designed for HR professionals aiming to elevate their skills to the next level. This program delves into advanced strategies for talent development, organizational learning, and creating a high-performance culture within the workplace.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of the course, participants will:

  1. Strategic Talent Development:

    • Develop advanced strategies for attracting, retaining, and developing top talent.
    • Implement talent management practices aligned with organizational goals.
  2. Organizational Learning and Development:

    • Design and implement effective organizational learning programs.
    • Foster a culture of continuous learning and development.
  3. Leadership Development and Succession Planning:

    • Develop and execute leadership development programs.
    • Implement succession planning strategies for organizational sustainability.
  4. Employee Engagement and Performance Improvement:

    • Explore advanced techniques for enhancing employee engagement.
    • Implement performance improvement strategies for organizational success.
  5. Change Management and Adaptability:

    • Understand advanced concepts in change management.
    • Develop strategies for fostering adaptability and resilience within the workforce.
  6. Measuring HR Effectiveness:

    • Implement metrics and analytics for measuring HR effectiveness.
    • Evaluate the impact of HR initiatives on organizational performance.

Course Outline

Module 1: Strategic Talent Development

  • Attracting, retaining, and developing top talent
  • Aligning talent management with organizational goals

Module 2: Organizational Learning and Development

  • Designing effective organizational learning programs
  • Fostering a culture of continuous learning and development

Module 3: Leadership Development and Succession Planning

  • Developing and executing leadership development programs
  • Implementing succession planning for organizational sustainability

Module 4: Employee Engagement and Performance Improvement

  • Advanced techniques for enhancing employee engagement
  • Implementing performance improvement strategies

Module 5: Change Management and Adaptability

  • Advanced concepts in change management
  • Strategies for fostering adaptability and resilience

Module 6: Measuring HR Effectiveness

  • Implementing metrics and analytics for HR effectiveness
  • Evaluating the impact of HR initiatives on organizational performance

4. Who Can Attend: This course is suitable for experienced HR professionals, HR managers, and individuals in leadership roles within the HR function, including but not limited to:

  • HR Managers and Directors
  • Talent Development Professionals
  • Learning and Development Managers
  • Organizational Development Specialists
  • Senior HR Executives

5. Delivery Format: The Advanced Human Resources Development course, offered by Magna Skills, will be delivered through a mix of interactive lectures, case studies, group discussions, and practical exercises. Participants will have the opportunity to apply advanced HR concepts in real-world scenarios, fostering a comprehensive and engaging learning experience. Additionally, guest speakers with expertise in advanced HR practices may be invited to share insights and practical experiences.