Strategic Human Resource Management

Human Resources Management

Course Overview

This course provides delegates with the knowledge skills and values to make strategic human resource management decisions. The course emphasizes practical activities, ranging from assessment of the global economic environment and organizational culture to the analysis of competencies and the implementation of human resource decisions. Delegates carry out a detailed strategic analysis of a human resource management issue in their organizations, and, in doing so learn how to effectively manage human resources in a way that contributes to improved performance, productivity, and morale.

Course Objectives

  • Take a strategic approach to human resource management.
  • Assess the global human resources environment in which your organization operates.
  • Forecast the human resource needs of your organization or department.
  • Do a job analysis and competency audit of your organization and/or department.
  • Identify competency gaps in your organization or department.
  • Provide feedback to employees to help them reach personal and organizational goals.
  • Use powerful "coaching" questions to help employees attain personal and organizational goals.
  • Use competency-based recruitment and selection techniques.
  • Manage and motivate employees using the basic principles of strategic human resource management.

Course Outline

  • Context and nature of strategic HRM
  • Strategic management,  strategic HRM,  and strategic HRM models:
  • Recruitment and selection strategies
  • Employee engagement interventions
  • Managing diversity
  • Developing a learning organization
  • Employee involvement  strategies
  • Managing organizational  flexibility & leading culture change
  • Developing Transformational Leadership as HR strategy
  • Strategic HRM issues in global business management
  • Aligning HR interventions with business goals and strategy
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Course Features
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