Human Resources management and Performance Appraisal
Course Summary:

This course examines performance appraisals and talent management. One of the most important aspects of human resource development is retaining and extracting the most value out of high-potential employees. Instruction on how to develop and evaluate performance management programs is provided as well as methods to evaluate performance. This course also provides instruction on how to develop and evaluate the performance evaluation process and talent management programs. Mentoring and coaching approaches used to help manage organizational talent are also discussed.

Course Objectives:

  • Match the performance levels required for an organization to be successful to their contributing factors
  • Identify the factors that are needed to make a performance management system successful
  • Identify the components of an effective performance management system
  • Recognize how to prepare for and conduct an appraisal meeting
  • Recognize examples of performance appraisal methods
  • Identify examples of performance appraisal errors
  • Recognize the legal considerations for approaching performance appraisals
  • Identify examples of talent management
  • Recognize examples of career development programs
  • Identify the characteristics of a successful mentoring program
  • Describe the theories of leadership

Course Outline

Human Resources Management

  • Apply basic business concepts
  • Assess legal contracts for business
  • Represent stakeholders in consultations and discussions on matters that arise at shop floor level
  • Work as a project team member

Industrial Psychology

  • Explain the fundamentals of the concept of ‘wellness’
  • Explain the need for wellness awareness programmes
  • Apply knowledge of HIV/AIDS to a specific business sector and a workplace

Training and Development

  • Recruit and select candidates to fill defined positions
  • Induct a new employee
  • Perform one-to-one training on the job
  • Manage individual and team performances

Labour Relations

  • Demonstrate understanding of employment relations in an organisation
  • Participate in the implementation and utilisation of equity related processes
  • Analyse the skills development legislation and apply it in the workplace

Use of Performance Appraisals

  • Promotions
  • Confirmations
  • Training and Development
  • Compensation reviews
  • Competency building
  • Improve communication
  • Evaluation of HR Programs
  • Feedback & Grievances

Computer Skills

  • Concepts of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Using the Computer & Managing Files
  • Word Processing
  • Spreadsheets
  • Using Databases
  • Presentation
  • Web Browsing and Communication (Internet & email: Outlook)