Research,Monitoring and Evaluation of HIV/AIDS Programmes

Safety, Health and Environment (SHE)

Course Overview

This course provides participants with the basic concepts and methodologies needed to undertake monitoring, evaluation, and surveillance of HIV/AIDS programs. The focus of the course is on practical issues for undertaking program monitoring, evaluation and surveillance of HIV/AIDS programs. This course aims to improve health programme planning and performance by introducing delegates to the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of health programmes, the improvement and institutionalisation of the collection of health-related data and the analysis of programme impact.

Course Objectives

  • Apply concepts, principles, processes and framework for monitoring and evaluation systems in development programmes;
  • Use result-based tools for programme planning;
  • Design and develop M & E systems;
  • Design and conduct an evaluation
  • Formulate result- and change-oriented indicators for monitoring and evaluation
  • Use M&E tools for qualitative and quantitative data analysis

Course Outline

Basic Concepts in M&E Capacity Building

  • Operational definition of capacity building
  • Purpose of capacity building in HIV M&E
  • Organizing framework for a functional national HIV M&E system
  • Levels of M&E capacity building
  • Standard capacity building strategies and interventions
  • Principles of M&E capacity building

Developing a National M&E Capacity Building Plan

  • Developing a national HIV M&E capacity building plan
  • Setting priorities for M&E capacity building
  • Content of an M&E capacity building plan

Capacity Building Strategies and Interventions to Strengthen the National HIV M&E System

Individual Level Interventions
Organisational And System Level Interventions
Using Data For Decision-making
Component 12: Data Dissemination And Use

People, Partnerships And Planning
Component 1: Organisational Structures With Hiv M&e Functions
Component 2: Human Capacity For Hiv M&e
Component 3: Partnerships To Plan, Coordinate And Manage The Hiv M&e System
Component 4: National Hiv M&e Plan
Component 5: Annual Costed National Hiv M&e Work Plan
Component 6: Advocacy, Communication And Culture For Hiv M&e
Collecting, Verifying, And Analysing Data
Component 7: Routine Hiv Programme Monitoring
Component 8: Surveys And Surveillance
Component 9: National And Sub-national Hiv Databases
Component 10: Supportive Supervision And Data Auditing
Component 11: Hiv Evaluation And Research

Assessing Progress in M&E Capacity Building

  • Purpose of monitoring M&E capacity building
  • Key steps in monitoring M&E capacity building
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