Single Course

HIV/AIDS Counselling & Youth Sexuality

Safety, Health and Environment (SHE)

Course Summary:

This course is geared towards examining the source, effect and the management of HIV/AIDS infection. The origin of AIDS and HIV is still a puzzle.HIV counselling aims at enabling the client to cope with stress and take personal decision relating to HIV/AIDS.

HIV/AIDS Counselling is a confidential communication between the client and counsellor. This is aimed at encouraging the client to cope with the stress. As such, counselling focuses on the prevention, coping behaviour, support and emotional balance of the client.

Course Objectives:

  • Define counselling and HIV/AIDS.
  • Identify sources of infection
  • Highlight adolescents risk behaviour that causes HIV.
  • Explain the impact of HIV/AIDS on clients.
  • Enumerate various ways in the management of HIV infection.
  • List at least 5 supportive managements.
  • Identify the difference between HIV and AIDS.

Course Outline

Concepts of HIV/AIDS

  • Define Counselling
  • Define HIV/AIDS
  • Explain the differences between HIV/AIDS

Sources of Infection

  • Define HIV/AIDS
  • Explain the modes of HIV Transmission
  • Highlight some signs and symptoms of HIV.

Characteristics of Adolescent

  • Describe in details the developmental changes in adolescent.
  • Specify some characteristics of an adolescent.
  • Specify some various needs of an adolescent

HIV/AIDS and the Adolescents Risk Behaviour

  • Define the word adolescence.
  • Identify five (5) adolescent risk behaviours.
  • Explain the meaning of risk behaviour

Adolescent Risk Behaviour

  • Identify 5 adolescents risk behaviour.
  • Specify some factors that influence adolescent risk behaviour.
  • Explain 3 adolescents risk behaviour.

Sign and symptoms of HIV/AIDS

  • List 2 signs of HIV Infection.
  • Specify the difference between HIV and AIDS.
  • Explain the signs of AIDS

Impacts of HIV/AIDS on Adolescent

  • List 6 effects of HIV/AIDS on an adolescent.
  • Explain 3 effects of HIV/AIDS Infection on an adolescent.
  • In what ways can a counsellor assist HIV/AIDS infected client?

Methods of HIV/AIDS Prevention

  • Identify some preventive method.
  • Identify and explain some positive behaviour which can lead to the prevention of HIV infection.
  • Specify those who need preventive methods.

Management of HIV related disease(s).

  • Specify some medical methods for HIV infection management
  • Specify other sources of HIV management.
  • Enumerate how other sources of management have worked.

Supportive Management Methods.

  • List and explain what is meant by supportive management.
  • Specify four (4) methods of supportive management processes.
  • Explain the importance of a counsellor in the management process.

HIV/AIDS Awareness Programmes

  • Explain the importance of HIV Awareness programme.
  • Highlight some programmes that have been organised.
  • Specify some cultural barriers to such awareness programme

Stigmatization of HIV/AIDS Patient.

  • Define stigmatization.
  • Specify the effect of stigmatization on HIV Patient.
  • Specify the rights of an HIV patient.
  • Identify the place of a counsellor in the management of HIV patient.

HIV/AIDS Counselling.

  • Define Counselling
  • Define HIV/AIDS Counselling.
  • Specify some characteristics of HIV/AIDS Counselling skills.