Single Course

Business Accounting and Taxation

Accounting and Auditing

Course Summary:

On the Accounting & Taxation course you'll gain a thorough understanding of taxation, a skill that many employers are seeking in accountants. We’ve taken our expertise in taxation and combined it with some of the best aspects of our accountancy courses to ensure you graduate with a full set of skills that will help you go far in any business environment.

On this course you will usually be taught by a range of staff with relevant expertise and knowledge appropriate to the content of the unit. You will also benefit from regular guest facilitator from industry.

Course Objectives:

  • Business Accounting and Taxation course prepares candidates not just for a JOB but a CAREER and leads them to become Industry oriented Accounts professional.
  • The course is designed to give hands-on-expertise in the area of Accounts, Taxation, MIS, Compliance and Reporting.
  • After Successfully completion of program candidates are ready to opt for multiple roles in the field of Accounting and Taxation.
  • The program is integrated with high end accounting software’s and applications i.e. Tally ERP 9.0, Learning Material SAP and Advance Excel.
  • The extensive training, practical case studies and hands-on experience on this software’s are important for any account professional to know, grow and prosper in their career.

Course Outline

Finance and Accounts:

  • Reviewing Accounting Concepts 
  • Preparation of Chart of Accounts 
  • Sales and Accounts Receivables 
  • Purchases and Accounts Payables 
  • Debit Notes and Credit Notes 
  • Expenses and Expense Payables 
  • Bank Reconciliation Statements 
  • Accounting for Stock 
  • Accounting for Fixed Assets 
  • Bad debt adjustment 
  • Journal Entries 
  • Financial: Closing/Adjustment Entries including Provisions 
  • Trial Balance 
  • Preparation of Financial Statements

Indirect Taxation

  • Introduction to Service Tax 
  • Computation of Service Tax – Output 
  • Computation of Service Tax – Input 
  • Payment of Service Tax 
  • Filing of Service Tax Return 
  • Concept of Value Added Tax (VAT) and CST 
  • Computation of VAT and CST Liability 
  • Payment of VAT and CST 
  • Filing of VAT and CST Return 
  • Central Excise Computation 
  • Documentation on Excise 
  • Computation of Excise Liability 
  • Payment of Excise Duty 
  • Filing of Excise Return ,   GST

Direct Taxation

  • Income Tax Calculation 
  • Provision for Income Taxes 
  • Payment of Income Tax 
  • Preparation and Filing Of Income tax Return 
  • Provisions and Computation of TDS 
  • Electronic payment of TDS and Taxes 
  • Electronic Filing of TDS Return 
  • TDS justification Reports 
  • Downloading of TDS Certificate


  • EPF computation 
  • Payment of EPF liability 
  • Filing of PF Return 
  • ESIC computation 
  • Payment of ESIC liability 
  • Filing of ESIC Return 
  • Profession Tax computation 
  • Payment of Profession Tax liability 
  • Filing of Profession Tax Return Note: Tally ERP 9 will be used as Accounting Software for PART I – PART 4

Quick Book

  • Understand QuickBooks’ Features and Benefits 
  • Assignments Using Quick Book Online Accounting Software 
  • Performing Everyday Tasks like Invoicing, Bookkeeping 
  • Billing in Quick book 
  • Creating and managing Invoices

IT Proficiency & MIS Reporting

  • Microsoft Excel for Effective MIS Reporting:
  • Advanced Excel
  • Pivot Functions
  • Lookup Functions
  • Logical Functions