Disaster Preparedness and Management

Environmental, Urban & Regional Planning

Course Overview

The principle aim of this course isto train individuals in public and private institutions in various issues relating to Disaster Management. Special emphasis is placed on the specific disaster profile of each region/province and issues relating to vulnerability and risk assessment, prevention, mitigation, preparedness, rehabilitation and reconstruction and relevant legislation.

Course Objectives

  • Educating the community and the public on disaster mitigation to ensure adequate, timely, appropriate and efficient response to disaster situations.
  • To achieve these objectives, volunteers undergo training in First Aid, CPR, Fire Training, Domestic Water Purification, Water and Sanitation, Health and Hygiene Promotion, Disaster Preparedness and Relief. 
  • Ensuring essential stock and resources are identified and available to support all Provinces when disaster strikes.
  • Affiliation to Provincial and District Disaster Management advisory forums to ensure updated disaster notifications, training and strategy at all times.

Course Outline

Introduction to Disaster Management and Business Continuity

  • Overview of Disaster Management
  • Disasters and Development
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • History, Policy and Legislation

Institutional Capacity

  • Policy, Direction, Planning and Funding
  • Disaster Management Responsibilities
  • Joint Consultation and Co-operation
  • Disaster Management Centre
  • Communication and Information Management

Risk Assessment and Monitoring

  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Profile
  • Risk Monitoring
  • Dissemination of Information
  • Quality Control

Risk Reduction Planning and Implementation

  • Planning
  • Defining and Prioritising Projects
  • Scoping and Development of Risk Reduction Plans, Projects and Programmes
  • Integration into IDPs
  • Implementing Projects

Operational Response and Recovery

  • Preparedness and Early Warning System
  • Disaster Assessment, Declaration Process and Mobilisations
  • Disaster Response
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Reconstruction and Rehabilitation

Awareness, Education, Training and Research

  • Disaster Awareness
  • Non-accredited Training and Education Programmes
  • Accredited Education and Training Programmes
  • Media Relationship Management
  • Establishing Mechanisms for Research, Information Provision and an Advisory Service

Monitoring Evaluation and Improvement

  • Performance Audits, Self-Assessments and Peer Reviews
  • Monitoring of Incidents and Significant Events
  • Exercises and Drills
  • Annual Reporting and Report Writing
  • Maintenance and Improvement


  • Programme and Project Management
  • Financial Management
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Course Features
  • 8 Weeks Online
  • 1-2 Weeks Classes
  • Certified

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