Ecosystem and Biodiversity Management
Course Summary:

This course is a basic biological course introducing students to the diversity of biological resources of the nation with emphasis on their distribution and interrelation with the special ecological setting as basis for ecotourism and wildlife management development. It also provides
training on ecological processes that highlight management for sustainable wildlife and ecotourism management on sustainable bases as the wealth of the nation. The national profile of our biodiversity is highlighted.

Course Objectives:

  • Identify the variety of our enormous biological resources in relation to their various ecological settings;
  • Further appreciate ecological functions and processes;
  • Understand the functioning of the ecological systems and their driving force;
  • Proffer simple solution the ecological problems;
  • Goal oriented research in biodiversity conservation and management for ecotourism and wildlife development;
  • Basic knowledge of biodiversity conservation as bases for sound ecotourism and wildlife resource management

Course Outline

Basic and practical objectives of biodiversity management and conservation

  • World biodiversity profile
  • Biodiversity hotspot
  • Threat to biodiversity
  • Extinction
  • Value of biological diversity

Protected areas and biodiversity management and conservation

  • Protected areas
  • Natural habitats and ecosystems
  • Producing management plans

Biodiversity administration and legislation

  • Problems of enforcing biodiversity conservation laws and regulation
  • Government policy regarding regarding biodiversity administration 

Conservation of endangered species of flora and fauna

  • Ecosystem diversity
  • Biodiversity status
  • Endemism
  • Economic importance of biodiversity
  • Biodiversity convention and strategies for achieving the goals, vision and objectives of biodiversity