Practical Complete Web Design & Development

ICT and Security Management

Course Overview

In a rapidly changing world, the need for online publishers to keep up with the needs and expectations of their site visitors is paramount. Today, many
cutting edge web publishers use content management systems (CMS) to allow them to instantly and dynamically update web pages and properties as new content becomes available so that every visit to a site is engaging, informative, and meaningful. CMS systems provide content developers with an option of creating powerful and highlyfunctional websites, landing pages, e-commerce features, social media tools and a wide range of other specialized and powerful function, many which eliminate the need for those developers to learn more traditional web development languages and coding like HTML, PHP, CSS and javascript. 

Course Objectives

  • Provide practical training of the most common features of the CMS used by staff authoring and/or editing content
  • How to create website pages
  • How to edit site menus
  • How format copy and images
  • How to edit metadata
  • File and image management
  • Creating and managing new users
  • Revisions and best practices for publishing
  • inputting different content types, previewing, checking and changing content before publishing

Course Outline

An Exploration of Content Management Systems

  • Review of Syllabus and other materials
  • Grading and attendance policies
  • Class Introductions
  • The Open Source revolution
  • An exploration of CMS based web sites and technologies

Planning and Developing Dynamic Web Content Sites 

  • Setting site goals; Identifying target audiences
  • Wireframing and planning site function and flow
  • Installing CMS applications
  • Working with ISPs to add site features to servers
  • Geekfest: Working with MySQL and backend data structures 

Web Site Design Using CSS 

  • Overview of CSS value and features
  • Exploration of how to use CSS to redesign text features
  • How to use CSS to move and position web graphics
  • Learners will be responsible for redesigning a web site’s look and feel by altering the site’s CSS tags 

Building and Administrating a Wordpress Blog Site 

  • Understanding the differences between sites and sites
  • Setting up and installing a Wordpress site
  • Finding and adding templates to a new site 
  • Customize site features
  • Overview of administrative functions
  • Adding extra functionality of Wordpress blogs
  • Promoting new blog sites
  • Each learner will design and create a new blog site of their own using Wordpress 

Building Websites Using Joomla! 

  • Acquiring a host for Joomla
  • Installing Joomla!
  • Exploring the Admin Interface
  • Planning the website
  • Site map for your Joomla site, project plan, establishment of hosting, installation of Joomla 
  • Content creation using the CAM model
  • Article parameters and customization
  • Including images in the site
  • Enter content for the website
  • Adding and displaying menus
  • Linking menus to articles and other features
  • Finding and adding Joomla extensions
  • Must have extensions for any Joomla site
  • Adding and setting up 2 “big” extensions (choose blog, calendar, image gallery, Paypal-based shopping cart, or portfolio. Other extensions on approval)
  • Creating customized Joomla templates
  • Modifying Joomla CSS and HTML parameters
  • Tweaking the Joomla backend 
  • Launching Your WordPress Site and After
  • Submitting the site to search engines
  • Managing WordPress users and permission levels
  • Managing comments and controlling spam
  • Backing up a WordPress site
  • Restoring a WordPress site from crash
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Adding social media options like facebook, twitter and many more
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