Graphics Design
Course Summary:

The Graphics Design course offered by Magna Skills is a comprehensive program designed for individuals aspiring to become proficient in graphic design. This course covers fundamental principles, tools, and techniques used in graphic design, equipping participants with the skills needed to create visually compelling designs for various digital and print media.

Course Objectives:

  • Understanding Design Principles: Gain a solid understanding of design principles such as balance, contrast, alignment, and proximity to create visually appealing compositions.

  • Mastering Design Software: Learn to use industry-standard graphic design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign to create and manipulate graphics, illustrations, and layouts.

  • Typography and Layout Design: Explore typography fundamentals and learn to create effective layouts for print and digital media, including posters, flyers, brochures, and web pages.

  • Image Editing and Manipulation: Develop skills in image editing and manipulation techniques to enhance photographs, create digital illustrations, and composite images.

  • Branding and Identity Design: Understand the principles of branding and identity design, and learn to create logos, brand assets, and visual identities for businesses and organizations.


Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Graphic Design

  • Understanding the role of graphic design in visual communication
  • Overview of design principles and elements

Module 2: Adobe Photoshop Essentials

  • Introduction to Adobe Photoshop interface and tools
  • Image editing, retouching, and manipulation techniques

Module 3: Adobe Illustrator Fundamentals

  • Exploring vector graphics and illustration techniques
  • Creating logos, icons, and vector illustrations

Module 4: Typography and Layout Design

  • Fundamentals of typography and font selection
  • Layout design principles for print and digital media

Module 5: Adobe InDesign Basics

  • Introduction to Adobe InDesign for layout design
  • Creating documents such as brochures, posters, and magazines

Module 6: Color Theory and Application

  • Understanding color theory and color schemes
  • Applying color effectively in graphic design projects

Module 7: Image Editing and Enhancement

  • Advanced image editing techniques in Adobe Photoshop
  • Creating photo manipulations and digital compositions

Module 8: Branding and Identity Design

  • Principles of branding and visual identity
  • Designing logos and brand collateral for businesses

Module 9: Web Design Basics

  • Introduction to web design principles and best practices
  • Creating web graphics and designing user interfaces

Module 10: Portfolio Development and Presentation

  • Building a professional graphic design portfolio
  • Presenting and showcasing design work effectively

The Graphics Design course provides participants with the knowledge and skills required to embark on a career in graphic design. Through hands-on projects, practical exercises, and real-world applications, participants will develop a strong foundation in graphic design principles, software proficiency, and creative problem-solving abilities, preparing them for success in the dynamic field of graphic design.