Microsoft Office Programmes
Course Summary:

Our Microsoft Office training includes a variety of courses designed to teach individuals of all skill levels about using all of the Office programs. Our instructor led training is offered by certified instructors to professionals and individuals as well as corporate and government customers. With our MS Office training, individuals can improve their skills and knowledge for all of the latest Office programs. This is beneficial for individuals who are hoping to increase their value in the workplace and for companies that are interested in boosting employee productivity and efficiency.

This course is designed to teach the new and experienced user alike how to use the many features of Microsoft Office to create documents, publications, and complete tasks that require the use of a word processor. You'll start out learning the very basics of Microsoft Office using instructions and screenshots, then progress into intermediate and advanced features and techniques so that you can get the most out of the popular program.

Course Objectives:

  • Recognize when to use each of the Microsoft Office programs to create professional business documents.
  • Use Microsoft Office programs to create personal and/or business documents following current professional and/or industry standards.
  • Pursue future courses specializing in one or more of the programs.
  • Apply skills and concepts for basic use of computer hardware, software, networks, and the Internet in the workplace and in future coursework as identified by the internationally accepted Internet and Computing Core (IC3) standards.

Course Outline

Terminology and Vocabulary

  • Parts of computer system
  • Software: Applications and Operating system
  • Windows Concepts
    • Windows navigation
    • Multi-task applications
    • File-management (reinforce and emphasize throughout the length of the course)

Basic Internet Skills

  • Browsers
  • Searching
  • Ethics
  • Basic Communication Skills
    • Email
    • Attachments
    • Netiquette
  • Basic Database Concepts
  • Competencies, Skills
  • Identify components of a computer system
  • Identify types of software applications and operating systems

Windows skills, including:

  • navigate Windows and applications
  • open, close and work between applications
  • access "short-cut menus" using right-mouse button
  • Develop skill in basic file management throughout the course including:
    • moving/copying/renaming/deleting files
    • creating/renaming/deleting folders

Use Windows Accessories

  • Notepad and/or Wordpad
  • Paint
  • Use Control Panel to modify desktop properties

Word Processing Skills

  • Create and edit one page Word documents
  • Copy/Move/Paste text
  • Create and edit a multi-page Word document
  • Format and enhance Word documents
  • Insert Clipart

Internet Skills

  • Identify and use Internet browser features
  • Use Search tools
  • Understand Internet Ethics

Communication Skills

  • Send and receive email
  • Send and open email attachments
  • Introduce basic MyPCC Portal website including basic navigation, email, calendar and course tools
  • Identify proper netiquette rules

Spreadsheet Skills

  • Create and edit basic Excel spreadsheets
  • Format and enhance spreadsheets
  • Use Auto Sum and create basic formulas
  • Create basic charts

Database Skills

  • Create and Edit a database
  • Format and enhance a database
  • Create Queries
  • Sort and filter a database
  • Create and print Reports

Presentation Skills

  • Create and edit basic PowerPoint presentations
  • Use template, color schemes, animation, slide transition
  • Insert images including digital pictures