Senior Executive Leadership and Management
Course Summary:

Magna Skills presents the Senior Executive Leadership and Management course, designed to empower senior executives with the strategic leadership skills and management competencies needed to drive organizational success in today's dynamic business environment. This course provides advanced training in leadership theory, strategic decision-making, change management, and organizational development, equipping senior executives with the tools and strategies to lead effectively, inspire teams, and achieve sustainable business results.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of the course, participants will:

  1. Develop Strategic Leadership Skills:

    • Gain advanced insights into leadership theories, styles, and practices.
    • Develop strategic leadership skills to inspire and motivate teams towards achieving organizational goals.
  2. Lead Organizational Change and Transformation:

    • Understand the dynamics of organizational change and transformation.
    • Develop change management strategies to lead successful organizational initiatives and transformations.
  3. Drive Innovation and Adaptability:

    • Foster a culture of innovation and creativity within the organization.
    • Develop strategies for fostering adaptability and resilience to thrive in a rapidly changing business landscape.
  4. Implement Effective Decision-Making Processes:

    • Develop advanced decision-making skills to address complex business challenges.
    • Implement effective decision-making processes to drive business growth and success.
  5. Strengthen Strategic Planning and Execution:

    • Develop strategic planning skills to set clear goals and objectives for the organization.
    • Implement strategies for effective execution and monitoring of strategic plans.
  6. Build High-Performing Teams and Cultures:

    • Develop strategies for building and leading high-performing teams.
    • Foster a culture of collaboration, accountability, and continuous improvement within the organization.
  7. Lead with Emotional Intelligence and Resilience:

    • Develop emotional intelligence to effectively manage self and others.
    • Build resilience to navigate challenges and setbacks effectively.

Course Outline

Module 1: Strategic Leadership and Vision

  • Leadership in the context of senior executive roles
  • Developing a compelling vision and strategic direction for the organization

Module 2: Leading Organizational Change

  • Understanding the dynamics of organizational change
  • Developing change management strategies for successful transformations

Module 3: Driving Innovation and Creativity

  • Fostering a culture of innovation and creativity
  • Implementing strategies for driving innovation in the organization

Module 4: Advanced Decision-Making and Problem-Solving

  • Decision-making models and frameworks for senior executives
  • Addressing complex business challenges through effective problem-solving

Module 5: Strategic Planning and Execution

  • Developing and executing strategic plans for organizational growth
  • Aligning organizational goals with strategic initiatives

Module 6: Building High-Performing Teams

  • Team dynamics and strategies for building high-performing teams
  • Leading diverse teams towards achieving common goals

Module 7: Leading with Emotional Intelligence

  • Developing emotional intelligence as a senior executive leader
  • Building resilience and managing stress in leadership roles

Module 8: Ethical Leadership and Corporate Governance

  • Ethical considerations in senior executive leadership
  • Ensuring ethical conduct and corporate governance practices

Module 9: Stakeholder Engagement and Relationship Management - Managing stakeholder relationships and building partnerships - Effective communication strategies for engaging stakeholders

Module 10: Strategic Leadership in a Digital Era - Navigating digital transformation and leveraging technology for strategic advantage - Leading organizational digital initiatives and adapting to digital disruptions

This Senior Executive Leadership and Management course is suitable for senior executives, C-suite leaders, business owners, and top-level managers responsible for shaping the strategic direction and leading organizational change. Through a blend of theoretical knowledge, case studies, practical exercises, and interactive discussions, participants will gain the strategic leadership skills and management competencies needed to drive organizational success and lead with impact in today's competitive business landscape