Leadership and Team Development for Managerial Success
Course Summary:

Magna Skills presents the Leadership and Team Development for Managerial Success course, designed for current and aspiring managers seeking to enhance their leadership capabilities and build high-performing teams. This course provides comprehensive training in leadership principles, team dynamics, communication strategies, conflict resolution, and performance management, empowering participants to drive organizational success through effective leadership and team development.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of the course, participants will:

  1. Develop Leadership Skills:

    • Gain a deep understanding of leadership theories, styles, and practices.
    • Develop essential leadership skills such as decision-making, problem-solving, and strategic thinking.
  2. Build High-Performing Teams:

    • Learn how to build and lead diverse teams to achieve common goals.
    • Develop strategies for fostering collaboration, trust, and accountability within teams.
  3. Enhance Communication and Interpersonal Skills:

    • Improve communication skills to effectively convey ideas, provide feedback, and resolve conflicts.
    • Develop interpersonal skills to build strong relationships and motivate team members.
  4. Manage Team Performance and Development:

    • Learn how to set clear performance expectations and goals for team members.
    • Develop strategies for coaching, mentoring, and developing team members to maximize their potential.
  5. Lead Change and Adaptability:

    • Understand the dynamics of organizational change and how to lead teams through transitions.
    • Develop strategies for fostering adaptability and resilience within teams to thrive in a changing environment.

Course Outline

Module 1: Foundations of Leadership

  • Understanding leadership theories and styles
  • Developing core leadership competencies

Module 2: Building High-Performing Teams

  • Team dynamics and stages of team development
  • Strategies for building cohesive and effective teams

Module 3: Effective Communication Strategies

  • Communication styles and techniques
  • Active listening and empathetic communication

Module 4: Conflict Resolution and Negotiation

  • Understanding conflict in teams and organizations
  • Strategies for resolving conflicts and negotiating win-win solutions

Module 5: Performance Management and Coaching

  • Setting performance expectations and goals
  • Providing feedback and coaching for performance improvement

Module 6: Leading Change and Adaptability

  • Understanding the dynamics of organizational change
  • Leading teams through change and fostering adaptability

Module 7: Motivating and Engaging Teams

  • Motivation theories and techniques
  • Strategies for engaging and inspiring team members

Module 8: Decision-Making and Problem-Solving

  • Decision-making models and processes
  • Problem-solving techniques for managerial success

Module 9: Diversity and Inclusion in Leadership - Understanding diversity and inclusion in the workplace - Leading diverse teams effectively and fostering inclusivity

Module 10: Strategic Leadership and Vision - Developing a leadership vision and strategic direction - Leading with purpose and driving organizational success

This Leadership and Team Development for Managerial Success course is suitable for current and aspiring managers, team leaders, and supervisors who want to enhance their leadership capabilities and build high-performing teams. Through a blend of theoretical knowledge, practical exercises, case studies, and interactive discussions, participants will develop the skills and competencies needed to lead with confidence, inspire teams, and drive organizational success