Mining & Environmental Protection Law
Course Summary:

This course will provide you with a strong analytical understanding of the key legal issues in the area, with a particular focus on the environmental law and investment law aspects of the oil, gas and mining industries. 

It also draws on our strengths in international trade and commercial law, which will help you gain an appreciation of the oil, gas and mining industries in their global economic context. The course covers most aspects of the regulatory and commercial world, as they relate to the international energy industry, with a specific focus on the petroleum and mining sectors of this burgeoning area of economic activity.

Course Objectives:

  • Gain a strong analytical understanding of the key legal issues in this specialist and expanding area of Law.
  • Gain an appreciation of the Oil, Gas and Mining industries in their global economic context.
  • Benefit from our expertise in Oil, Gas and Mining as well as the complementary fields of International Trade and Commercial law.
  • Have a clear understanding of the nature and scope of environmental law
  • Discuss the constitutional protection of environmental rights in Africa
  • Understand the statutory duty of care 
  • Understand the new Environmental Impact Assessment procedure
  • Identify the listed activities for which an EIA is a prerequisite
  • Reflect on the new Air Quality Act's system of air quality management
  • Describe the regulatory framework for waste management
  • Explain the regulatory framework governing biodiversity
  • Identify the various levels for the administration and implementation of environmental laws
  • Understanding the powers of environmental management inspectors (EMIs) in compliance and enforcement

Course Outline


  • Introduction to the Mining Industry
  • Introduction to Legal Systems (common, civil, administrative law)
  • Introduction to Legal Systems Non-credit Crash Course (for non-lawyers)

Mining Law

  • African Mining and Public Land Law
  • International Comparative Mining Law

Due Diligence

  • International Due Diligence (including infrastructure)
  • Community Expectations for Mineral Development and Social
  • Sustainability
  • Corporate Law and Ethics
  • Corporate Organization and Governance
  • Comparative Commercial Law
  • Effective Communication with Traditional and Non-traditional Media


  • Contractual Vehicles for Land Acquisition and Mineral Development
  • Acquisition and Financing of Mineral Projects
  • Valuation of Mineral Assets and Projects

State Owned

  • Enterprises (public- private partnerships)
  • Ethics, the Environment, and Professional Responsibility

Mineral Taxation

  • Multinational Taxation

Environmental Law

  • Mineral Development and Environmental Protection
  • Introduction to Human Health Risk Assessment
  • Environmental Law
  • International Environmental Law

Business and Human Rights

  • Native American Natural Resources Law
  • Tribal Courts and Tribal Law
  • Law, Policy, and Economics of Development

Human Rights and Social Responsibility

  • International Human Rights
  • International Human Rights and Indigenous Peoples

Intellectual Property

  • The Intellectual Property of Mining


  • Workplace Safety and Legal Responsibility
  • Mine Health and Safety

Dispute Resolution

  • Mining Disputes and their Resolution
  • Mediation


  • Water Law
  • Oil and Gas Law