Single Course

Customer Relationship Management

Public Relations, Sales and Marketing

Course Summary:

Customer Relationship Management is a broadly recognised, widely implemented strategy for managing an organisation’s interactions with customers, clients and sales prospects. The purpose of the course is to provide students with fundamental theoretical and practical knowledge in various concepts of customer relationship management which are necessary when interacting with internal and external stakeholders. 

This course focuses on attracting and retaining customers through excellent service, cooperation, trust, commitment and sharing of information. CRM is all about business relationships and how the marketer can create new value for its customers, suppliers, employees and investors by managing these relationships.

Course Objectives:

  • In-depth understanding of the benefits of CRM and the competitive advantage this methodology provides
  • Insight on the challenges and constraints organizations face in attempting to incorporate CRM
  • Appreciation of how technology can be leveraged to enhance a CRM initiative
  • Exposure to best practices in multiple vertical markets
  • Knowledge of the key decision variables related to CRM
  • An understanding of simple CRM techniques
  • Hands-on practice including case study analysis

Course Outline

Customer loyalty

  • Customer loyalty
  • Discussing the benefits of customer loyalty
  • Creating loyal customers
  • Market intelligence enterprise
  • Identifying marketing tiers
  • Discussing the goals of an MIE

CRM basics

  • Customer information
  • Discussing CRM types
  • Identifying CRM goals
  • A CRM program
  • Discussing the CRM process
  • Recognizing the impact of a CRM system
  • Analyzing CSFs
  • Identifying precautions

Preparations for CRM

  • CRM and expenditures
  • Analyzing CRM costs
  • Discussing the economic impact of CRM
  • Implementation planning
  • Selecting the CRM implementation team
  • Identifying departments affected by CRM
  • Discussing CRM program failure factors
  • Testing a CRM program

CRM implementation

  • CRM implementation preparation
  • Preparing for CRM implementation
  • Identifying reasons for implementing CRM in stages
  • The implementation process
  • Discussing CRM implementation steps


  • eCRM fundamentals
  • Discussing eCRM
  • Identifying eCRM features
  • Discussing eCRM disadvantages
  • eCRM and automation
  • Automating the marketing department
  • Automating the sales department
  • Automating the customer service department
  • Automating the accounting department

eCRM customization

  • eCRM customization
  • Identifying stakeholders that benefit from eCRM
  • Customizing eCRM
  • eCRM goals
  • Achieving CRM goals through eCRM