Franchise Management and Operations
Course Summary:

This course aims to equip you with a basic understanding of franchise operations via a combination of theoretical explanations of franchising and practical applications of franchising structure and management issues. Upon completion of this course you should understand the stages of business development  required for franchise initiation and expansion.

Course Objectives:

  • Stages of marketing development required for franchise initiation and expansion
  • Franchise management issues, including: Franchisee Recruitment, Selection and Training, Initial and On-Going Franchise Support Services, Franchisee Performance Monitoring, and Franchise Fees
  • History of franchising as a means of distribution of goods and services
  • Franchising contractual relationships
  • Franchise profit and transaction cost economics
  • How to franchise and development structures, including pilot operations and mobile and home-based franchises

Course Outline

Types of franchising

  • History and growth of franchising
  • Characteristics of the franchising service
  • Developing a franchising service strategy
  • Advantages and disadvantages of franchising

The franchising life-cycle

  • Nature of the franchising relationship
  • Stages of franchisee development
  • Stages of franchisor development
  • Product and company life-cycle analysis

Franchising Code of Conduct

  • Legal issues including intellectual property rights, trade marks and copyright, franchise agreements, goodwill, unconscionable conduct, and franchise agreement renewals, transfers and terminations
  • Franchising legal case study

Franchise system conflict

  • Handling conflict
  • Resolution of franchising disputes
  • Franchise network expansion conflict

Franchisee selection

  • Franchisee recruitment
  • Franchisee selection
  • Franchisee training

Franchisee management and motivation

  • Initial support services
  • Ongoing support services
  • Marketing support
  • Franchisee performance monitoring

Franchise fee structures

  • Initial franchise fees
  • Ongoing franchise fees
  • Marketing levies
  • Renewal fees
  • Transfer fees
  • Product mark-ups
  • Supplier subsidiaries and rebates

Franchise system growth

  • Pilot operations
  • Mobile and home-based operations
  • Market opportunities
  • Aggressive franchise growth techniques

Co-branding arrangements

  • Conversion franchising

International expansion

  • Market choice and entry
  • Preparation for foreign market expansion

Expansion methods including joint ventures, master franchise agreements, and area development

  • Fee structures
  • Monitoring and control
  • Brand development