Strategic Marketing Management
Course Summary:

The aim of the course is to develop knowledge and understanding of the marketing function of an organisation, how it interconnects with other functions and its impact as a way of doing business on the evolution of corporate strategy. Delegates will develop their strategic thinking skills while still appreciating the operational role marketing has in terms of meeting corporate objectives. 

Course Objectives:

  • Create frameworks for developing strong marketing plans and identifying key marketing decisions prior to executing a communications plan
  • Understand the impact of insight in transforming simple observations into extraordinarily profitable campaigns
  • Acquire tools to properly evaluate the success of a marketing campaign against planned objectives
  • Enhance critical thinking skills by learning to ask the right questions
  • Understand how marketing is evolving and how your organization can adapt to the changes
  • Engage in critical discussions around the use of new media forms and how digital has changed the game

Course Outline

What is strategic marketing?

  • Analyse the relationship between consumer behaviours and strategic marketing practices
  • Analyse strategic marketing concepts
  • Analyse alignment of personal goals with programme aims and school missions
  • Analyse key strategic marketing concepts 

Understanding strategy in a marketing context 

  • Appraise the value of brands in strategic marketing
  • Evaluate applications of strategic marketing concepts
  • Evaluate luxury brand strategies 

Applying management strategy to marketing decision making 

  • Analyse environmental analysis frameworks for strategic marketing
  • Conduct career development SWOT analyses 

How do organisations increase market share? 

  • Critically evaluate elements of the segmentation, targeting and positioning framework
  • Evaluate applications of strategic marketing concepts 

What is the impact of market research? 

  • Evaluate market research processes
  • Evaluate impact of market research on product demand and marketing communications 

How do consumers make purchasing decisions?

  • Analyse consumer purchasing behaviours
  • Evaluate customer-orientation strategies
  • Evaluate responses to customer-orientation strategies
  • Analyse the relationship between market orientation and business performance
  • Analyse the impact of market orientation on competitive advantage
  • Evaluate market orientation strategies 

How do you build a marketing mix? 

  • Analyse the evolution of marketing mix models
  • Evaluate marketing mixes for sustainable growth
  • Analyse the strategies related to product life cycles
  • Develop personal missions, visions and goals 

Considering culture and ethics in marketing 

  • Critically evaluate the strategic role of culture and ethics in marketing
  • Analyse socially responsible strategies to enhance competitive advantage 

Planning marketing operations 

  • Critically evaluate the strategic value of marketing planning
  • Evaluate strategies for marketing planning
  • Evaluate applications of marketing planning 

How does digital marketing impact organisations? 

  • Critically evaluate the benefits and challenges of digital marketing
  • Evaluate digital marketing strategies
  • Analyse social media strategies for marketing
  • Assess personal readiness for change
  • Analyse the role of marketing professionals in change management 

How will the marketing profession evolve? 

  • Critically analyse perspectives on the marketing profession
  • Develop Personal Development Portfolio