Nonprofit Management & Leadership Specialization
Course Summary:

The non-profit sector plays a key role in society and in the economy. Many goods and services, such as education and health care, are delivered by non-profits. Non-profits also play a central role in delivering charitable services of the kind that are often under-provided by the market. Non-profits also are active in political and public-policy arenas. Finally, non-profits are important in providing the glue - the social capital - that holds societies together and makes them work.

Starting, growing, and managing non-profits leads to challenges as complex as, and in some cases more complex than, the challenges facing the private sector. Non-profits need to identify their market, confront competitors, and manage their internal operations just as do firms. However, non-profits must address the needs of multiple constituencies, they must balance their values against the requirements of effective management, and they must attract and retain a skilled labor force without the financial resources that characterize much of the private sector.

Course Objectives:

  • Analyze, compare, and contrast definitions, contexts, rationales, and drivers for non-profit management approaches
  • Evaluate non-profit management in comparison to external accountability frameworks and developing legal and regulatory systems
  • Critically evaluate methods for successful non-profit management and oversight
  • Identify sources of failure
  • The legal context
  • Human resources and leadership
  • Managing relationships: community and government
  • Strategy and success in non-profits
  • Managing expectations and accountability
  • Non-profit finance and funding
  • Issues in non-profit management and organizational failure

Course Outline

  • Budgeting in a Nonprofit Organization
  • Capital Campaigns 
  • Fundraising for Nonprofit Organizations
  • How to Read a Nonprofit Financial Statement
  • Leadership in a Nonprofit Organization
  • Nonprofit Board and Volunteer Development
  • Principles of Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations
  • Strategy for Nonprofit Organizations
  • Introduction to Nonprofit Management
  • Introduction to Grant Writing
  • Social Media for Nonprofits