Non-Profit Fundraising

NGO Management & Policy Development

Course Overview

Competition among NGOs in the acquisition of donor funding is very strong. In order to face the donors’ expectations, the fundraisers have to improve and professionalise their work. This course is designed to give you practical and appropriate tools to raise funds successfully in favour of your organisation’s activities. You will familiarise with marketing and strategic elements. You will then learn how to elaborate a grant proposal and a corporate partnership, as well as how to approach individuals and major donors. Participants will have the possibility to make exercises in order to practice the theory, individually or in working groups.

Course Objectives

  • Use marketing tools in raising funds
  • Understand the expectations of the donors
  • Formulate a fundraising strategy
  • Elaborate a grant demand
  • Learn how to develop corporate partnerships
  • Become familiar with individuals and major donors approach
  • Improve communication skills

Course Outline

  • Strategic approach in Fundraising: Positioning, environment analysis, objectives and resources
  • Identification of donors and their expectations: Institutional donors, private individuals including major donors, corporate, foundations, others
  • Presentation of NGO projects: Characteristics and possible benefits for the donors
  • Fundraising tools review (direct mailing, telemarketing, events, face-to-face, sponsorship, one-to-one…)
  • Personalisation and testing
  • How to write convincing letters, how to develop direct mailings concepts and grant proposals
  • Action-plan and budget (income and expenses) development
  • Donor’s follow up
  • Results analysis – Most common Key Performances Indicators
Study Online


1 Week Face to Face Classes


2 Week Face to Face Classes


Course Features
  • 8 Weeks Online
  • 1-2 Weeks Classes
  • Certified

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