Occupational Health and Safety
Course Summary:

Magna Skills is proud to introduce the Occupational Health and Safety Excellence course, designed to empower professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to create a safe and healthy work environment. This program covers a comprehensive range of topics, from risk assessment to emergency response planning, ensuring participants are well-equipped to champion occupational health and safety within their organizations.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of the course, participants will:

  1. Understand OHS Principles:

    • Gain a solid understanding of the principles and importance of occupational health and safety.
    • Recognize the legal and ethical responsibilities associated with workplace safety.
  2. Conduct Risk Assessments:

    • Develop skills in identifying workplace hazards and conducting thorough risk assessments.
    • Implement effective risk mitigation strategies.
  3. Safety Culture and Communication:

    • Foster a culture of safety within the organization.
    • Enhance communication strategies for effective safety awareness.
  4. Emergency Preparedness and Response:

    • Plan and implement emergency response procedures.
    • Conduct drills and simulations to ensure preparedness.
  5. Ergonomics and Workplace Design:

    • Understand the principles of ergonomics for a healthier workplace.
    • Implement design strategies for improved worker well-being.

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Occupational Health and Safety

  • Principles and importance of occupational health and safety
  • Legal and ethical responsibilities in workplace safety

Module 2: Risk Identification and Assessment

  • Identifying workplace hazards
  • Conducting thorough risk assessments

Module 3: Safety Culture and Communication

  • Fostering a culture of safety
  • Enhancing communication for effective safety awareness

Module 4: Emergency Preparedness and Response

  • Planning and implementing emergency response procedures
  • Conducting drills and simulations

Module 5: Ergonomics and Workplace Design

  • Principles of ergonomics for a healthier workplace
  • Implementing design strategies for improved well-being

Module 6: Health and Safety Legislation and Compliance

  • Overview of relevant health and safety legislation
  • Strategies for ensuring compliance within the organization

Module 7: Occupational Health and Wellness Programs

  • Designing and implementing health and wellness initiatives
  • Strategies for promoting employee well-being

Module 8: Chemical and Hazardous Materials Management

  • Handling and managing chemical substances safely
  • Implementing effective hazardous materials management

Module 9: Incident Investigation and Reporting

  • Conducting thorough incident investigations
  • Developing comprehensive incident reports

Module 10: Continuous Improvement in OHS - Establishing mechanisms for continuous improvement - Implementing feedback loops for ongoing safety enhancements

This comprehensive course is tailored for individuals and organizations committed to creating a safe and healthy work environment. The modules cover essential aspects of occupational health and safety, providing a solid foundation for participants to excel in OHS practices.