Managing hazardous substances
Course Summary:

The Managing Hazardous Substances course offered by Magna Skills is designed to provide participants with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills to effectively identify, assess, and manage hazardous substances in various workplace environments. Participants will learn about the regulations, best practices, and control measures associated with hazardous substances, ensuring compliance with health and safety standards while minimizing risks to workers and the environment.

Course Objectives:

  • Understanding Hazardous Substances: Gain a thorough understanding of different types of hazardous substances, their properties, and potential health and environmental hazards.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Familiarize participants with relevant regulations and standards governing the management of hazardous substances, ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

  • Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment: Learn how to identify and assess hazards associated with hazardous substances through risk assessment processes, including exposure assessment and hazard characterization.

  • Control Measures and Risk Management: Explore control measures and risk management strategies to mitigate hazards associated with hazardous substances, including substitution, engineering controls, and personal protective equipment (PPE).

  • Emergency Preparedness and Response: Develop protocols and procedures for emergency preparedness and response in the event of spills, leaks, or accidental releases of hazardous substances, ensuring swift and effective action to minimize harm.


Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Hazardous Substances

  • Definition of hazardous substances and their classification
  • Common types of hazardous substances and their properties

Module 2: Regulatory Framework

  • Overview of relevant regulations and standards (e.g., OSHA, EPA)
  • Responsibilities of employers and employees in managing hazardous substances

Module 3: Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment

  • Methods for identifying hazardous substances in the workplace
  • Conducting risk assessments and exposure evaluations

Module 4: Control Measures

  • Engineering controls for hazardous substance management
  • Administrative controls and safe work practices
  • Selection and use of personal protective equipment (PPE)

Module 5: Storage and Handling

  • Safe storage practices for hazardous substances
  • Handling procedures to minimize exposure risks

Module 6: Hazardous Waste Management

  • Proper disposal and management of hazardous waste
  • Regulatory requirements for hazardous waste handling and disposal

Module 7: Emergency Preparedness and Response

  • Developing emergency response plans for hazardous substance incidents
  • Training employees on emergency procedures and protocols

Module 8: Health Effects and Medical Surveillance

  • Understanding the health effects of exposure to hazardous substances
  • Implementing medical surveillance programs for at-risk workers

Module 9: Training and Education

  • Providing comprehensive training to employees on hazardous substance management
  • Promoting awareness of hazards and safe work practices

Module 10: Case Studies and Best Practices

  • Analyzing real-life case studies of hazardous substance incidents
  • Identifying best practices for effective hazardous substance management

The Managing Hazardous Substances course equips participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage hazardous substances in the workplace, ensuring compliance with regulations and safeguarding the health and safety of workers and the environment. Through a combination of theoretical learning, practical exercises, case studies, and interactive discussions, participants will develop the expertise needed to identify, assess, and control hazards associated with hazardous substances effectivel