Air Transport Planning and Management

Event , Travel and Tourism Management

Course Overview

People are traveling more often and further for leisure and business pursuits and the demand for air transport of both passengers and goods is increasing. The globalisation of supply chains challenges land-based transport infrastructure, resulting in the need for global air freight. This course is the first to link the general principles of airline and airport management to the discipline of logistics management and recognises the need for delegates who have a full understanding of the role of the aviation sector in supply chain management. The course will give you the opportunity to learn the knowledge and skills required for an exciting and challenging career in airlines, air freight, freight forwarders, express couriers and general logistics and supply chain management. 

This course has been developed to meet the needs of graduates worldwide seeking to gain greater knowledge and experience of the air transport industry, and looking to progress into senior roles in management, operations and commercial planning of airlines, airports, government departments and aviation-related businesses such as aircraft manufacturing, finance and consultancy.

Course Objectives

  • Air Transport Economics
  • Air Transport Forecasting and Market Research
  • Air Transport Management and Operations
  • Research Dissertation
  • Air Transport Policy and Planning
  • Airline Marketing and Business Models
  • Airport Finance and Strategy

Course Outline

  • Components of the air transportation system
    • Aviation businesses and organizations
    • Non-governmental organizations
    • New technologies and their effect on the industry
  • Business models
    • The organization of: airlines, airports, civil aviation authorities and air navigation service providers
    • Commercial aviation from an organizational perspective
  • Aviation law
    • Freedoms of the Air and other basic laws
    • ICAO standards and recommended practices
  • Safety and security
    • Common concepts applied in the industry
    • Organizations that set standards for the industry
  • Benchmarking and key performance indicators
    • Safety, security and risk management for industry businesses
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