Radio Programming and Production
Course Summary:

This course is specifically designed to provide the theoretical and some practical knowledge about broadcasting to the delegates. They will learn about Radio Journalism; Broadcasting Qualities and responsibilities; Radio Drama; Prospects and challenges to broadcasting in Pakistan. Magazine Program and infotainment; Digital Storytelling; Radio News Style; Story format and copy layout; Interviewing for broadcast: Strategies and approaches. And an introduction of other radio programs.

Course Objectives:

  •  A sound introduction to the principles and techniques of Journalism. 
  • An understanding of news broadcasting style. 
  • To provide guidelines, information and specific techniques for understanding and applying the knowledge achieved in problems relating to radio broadcasting. 
  • To enable students to find a better placement opportunity in radio broadcasting. 
  • Modern trends in Radio Broadcasting with discussion on contemporary issues and problems which are there and which might effect radio channels in the future. 
  • Learning to work in groups and society. 

Course Outline

  • Produce different types of radio programs 
  • Work on subject- related projects 
  • Predict and combat problems related to radio broadcasting in the best possible way. 
  • Get a deep insight of the practical side of radio journalism. 
  • Join radio stations and various broadcasting organizations in which they will excel. 
  • Participate and work in groups. 
  • Start practicing free-lance journalism.