Single Course

Risk Assessment Management

Banking and Financial Services

Course Summary:

In this intensive course participants develop the competence to master a model for implementing risk management processes throughout their organization using the ISO 31000 standard as a reference framework. Based on practical exercises, participants acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to perform an optimal risk assessment and manage risks in time by being familiar with their life cycle. During this training, we present the ISO 31000 general risk management standard, the process model it recommends, and how companies may use the standard.

In this course participants develop the competence to master the basic risk management elements using the ISO 31000 standard as a reference framework. Based on practical exercises and case studies, participants acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to perform risk assessments, including risk identification, risk analysis and risk evaluation, as well as preparing and implementing risk treatment.

Course Objectives:

  • Review of risk definitions according to ISO 31000:2009
  • Understanding the various risk methodologies
  • Completion of risk assessments using risk language
  • Risk treatment mitigation plans
  • Risk reports
  • How to Integrate Risk in other ISO Management Systems
  • Improve optimal productivity in the workplace
  • Recognise and control hazards in the workplace
  • Creates awareness among the employees
  • Better qualified employees
  • Saves costs by being proactive instead of reactive
  • Positive image

Course Outline

Introduction, risk management program, risk identification and assessment according to ISO 31000

  • Concepts and definitions related to risk management
  • Risk management standards, frameworks and methodologies
  • Communication and consultation
  • Establishing context and defining risk criteria
  • Risk identification and assessment

Risk evaluation, treatment, monitoring and review according to ISO 31000

  • Risk evaluation and treatment
  • Risk treatment options
  • Preparing and implementing risk treatment plans
  • Certified ISO 31000 Risk Manager Exam

Introduction to methods of risk assessment

  • Introduction to CRAMM
  • Introduction to EBIOS
  • Introduction to MEHARI
  • Introduction to OCTAVE
  • Introduction to Microsoft Security Risk Management

To understand the concepts, approaches, methods and techniques allowing an effective Risk Management according to ISO 31000
To understand the relationship between the Risk Management and the compliance with the requirements of different stakeholders of an organization
To acquire the competence to implement, maintain and manage an ongoing Risk Management program according to ISO 31000 compliance with all the other requirements
To acquire the competence to effectively advise organizations on the best practices in Risk Management