Broadcast & Media Communications

Public Relations, Sales and Marketing

Course Overview

Broadcast & Media Communications is designed to provide delegates with detailed insight into the structures, management, processes, economics of and controversies surrounding the electronic media industries. The course will be valuable as a part of career preparation for delegates interested in working in broadcasting and related industries such as advertising, media sales and public relations. For delegates with other career interests, this course will provide a firm foundation for understanding how the electronic media industries operate. Upon completion of this course delegates should demonstrate, through class discussions.

Radio is an exciting, dynamic industry, filled with passionate, articulate people. This course will give you the skills to produce or present on your own radio show, entertaining and informing people and becoming a part of their daily lives.

You will develop a wide skillset in all aspects of the radio industry, with commercial and management skills. You will also have a placement in a real radio station, giving you a chance to develop industry networks and practical experience

Course Objectives

  • The organizational and economic structures of the major electronic media industries.
  • Programming methods and strategies used in media industries.
  • The purposes and activities of most aspects of media organizations including advertising, production and programming.
  • Controversies and issues affecting electronic media organizations.
  • Convergence, new technologies, and their impact on the electronic media landscape.
  • The fundamental history of electronic media.
  • Legal, ethical and other regulatory challenges facing the electronic media

Course Outline

  • Digital Audio Production
  • Writing for Digital Audio
  • Digital Video Production
  • Writing for Digital Video
  • Broadcast Media Law and Ethics
  • Digital News Gathering
  • Media Marketing and Advertising
  • Digital Advertising Production
  • Broadcast Presentation
  • Introduction to Communication Studies
  • Media History and Contemporary Issues
  • Diversity in Media
  • Media Research
  • Multimedia Content Production
  • Senior Roles in the Digital Newsroom
  • Multimedia Content Management
  • Media, Culture and Communication Theory
  • Enterprise Journalism
  • Broadcast Policies and Regulations
  • Broadcast Industry Entrepreneurship
  • Case Studies in Broadcast Communication and Society
  • Independent Media Project
  • Roles and Practices in Contemporary Communications
  • Intro to Statistical Reasoning
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Course Features
  • 8 Weeks Online
  • 1-2 Weeks Classes
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