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Air Navigation Services & Navigation

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Course Summary:

Our Air Navigation Services training focuses on business management, air traffic management, AIS, safety, technology and change management. Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSP) are not only responsible for providing safe, efficient and cost effective air navigation services to airspace users in compliance with state regulations, but also for managing high performance businesses.

There is increasing competition between ANSPs and pressure to improve safety and services, reduce costs and work in close coordination with airlines, neighboring states and other stakeholders. This collection of courses will help you respond to all of these demands.

The global Air Traffic Management (ATM) industry is undergoing a major transformation with the objective of seamless air navigation services and enhancement of performance. This foundation course, and required course for the Diploma in Air Navigation Services Management, covers the key management areas of Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) activities and planning.

Gain a solid knowledge of modern business management practices in air navigation services to help you guide your organization to success. This interactive course provides examples and illustrations from ANSPs from around the world

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the Air Navigation Services regulatory and institutional framework
  • Apply a business-oriented approach that uses strategic planning tailored for ANSPs
  • Master the financial side of running ATM operations including managing charges and funding ATM infrastructure
  • Be prepared for emerging issues such as corporate social responsibility, environmental issues, business continuity, cyber security, codes of conduct, conflict of interest, and social media
  • Support ICAO’s objectives, in particular, the Global Air Navigation Plan
  • Align with CANSO and IATA’s objectives for transitioning to the future

Course Outline

  • Strategic planning
  •  ICAO Global Air Navigation Plan Doc 9750
  •  Financial planning and budgeting
  •  Corporate governance
  •  Enterprise risk management
  •  Safety management
  •  Economic regulation and ANS charges
  •  Aviation System Block Upgrades (ASBU)
  • Performance measurement and bench marking
  •  Human resource management