Management of Refugee & Displaced Populations
Course Summary:

This course aims to provide students with the knowledge, skills and critical understanding needed to adopt an evidence-based and reasoned approach to strategic planning, needs assessment and management of refugee and displaced populations across the spectrum from emergency relief to sustainable development.


Course Objectives:

  • Use appropriate evidence-based approaches for mobilising & managing human and financial resources
  • Describe security threats and make recommendations for self-care of humanitarian actors
  • Critically analyse the emergency vs development divide
  • Critically analyse strategies for managing and co-ordinating refugees / IDPs in a variety of settings

Course Outline

Managing Responses to Displacement

  • the key elements of a relief programme
  • logistics, communications, and operational safety
  • cross-cultural communication and community participation

Mobilising & Managing Human and Financial Resources

  • human resources in relief operations
  • project proposals and logframes
  • fundraising for humanitarian programmes
  • principles of good financial management in humanitarian operations

Security & Self Care of Humanitarian Actors

  • security awareness among field staff
  • risks to personal health and methods of risk reduction
  • psychological self-care for humanitarian workers

Impact of Humanitarian Action

  • rationale for and principle methods of evaluation
  • application of humanitarian principles and standards to evaluation

Emergency vs Development Divide

  • long-term solutions for refugees and internally displaced persons
  • micro and macro-economic stabilization
  • management of the transition to sustainable development