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Course Overview

Welcome to the Microsoft Word 2016 Expert workshop. This course begins your journey for creating documents with advanced design, effective references, and custom elements.

Course Objectives

Research has consistently demonstrated that when clear goals are associated with learning, it occurs more easily and rapidly. At the end of this workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Control Pagination
  • Work with styles
  • Perform advanced editing and formatting
  • Create and manage indexes
  • Create and manage references
  • Manage forms and fields
  • Create mail merge and labels
  • Create and modify building blocks and content controls
  • Work with Macros
  • Create custom style sets, themes and templates
  • Prepare a document for internationalization and accessibility 
  • Work with templates
  • Use version control
  • Manage document reviews and changes

Course Outline

Module One: Getting Started 

  • Workshop Objectives 

Module Two: Design Advanced Documents 

  • Control Pagination 
  • Create a Two-Page Layout 
  • Change Header and Footer Space 
  • Change Vertical Page Alignment 
  • Set Paragraph Pagination Options 
  • Work with Styles 
  • Modify Existing Styles 
  • Resolve Style Conflicts by Using Paste Options 
  • Create Paragraph and Character Styles 
  • Perform Advanced Editing and Formatting 
  • Find Using Formatting 
  • Replace Formatting 
  • Find and Replace Using Special Characters 
  • Find and Replace Text by Using Wildcards 
  • Link Text Boxes 
  • Module Two: Review Questions 

Module Three: Create Advanced References 

  • Create and Manage Indexes 
  • Mark Index Entries 
  • Create Indexes 
  • Update Indexes 
  • Create and Manage References 
  • Customize a Table of Contents 
  • Insert and Modify Captions 
  • Create and Modify a Table of Figures 
  • Manage Forms and Fields 
  • Add Custom Fields 
  • Modify Field Properties 
  • Create Mail Merge and Labels 
  • Manage Recipient Lists 
  • Insert Merged Fields 
  • Preview Merge Results 
  • Perform Mail Merge 
  • Module Three: Review Questions 

Module Four: Create Custom Word Elements 

  • Create and Modify Building Blocks and Content Controls 
  • Create Quick Parts 
  • Manage Building Blocks 
  • Insert and Configure Content Controls 
  • Work with Macros 
  • Record a Macro 
  • Run a Macro 
  • Assign a Macro to a Button or Shortcut Key 
  • Enable Macros 
  • Create Custom Style Sets and Templates 
  • Create Custom Color Sets 
  • Create Custom Font Sets 
  • Create Custom Themes 
  • Create Custom Style Sets 
  • Manage Multiple Options for +Body and +Heading Fonts 
  • Prepare a Document for Internationalization and Accessibility 
  • Configure Language Options in Documents 
  • Add Alt Text to Document Elements 
  • Module Four: Review Questions 

Module Five: Manage Document Options and Settings 

  • Work with Templates 
  • Modify Existing Templates 
  • Manage Template and Document Elements 
  • Customize the Ribbon 
  • Change the Application Default Font 
  • Use Version Control 
  • Restrict Editing 
  • Mark a Document as Final 
  • Protect a Document with a Password 
  • Manage Document Versions 
  • Manage Document Reviews and Changes 
  • Track Changes 
  • Manage Tracked Changes 
  • Lock or Unlock Tracking 
  • Add Comments 
  • Manage Comments 
  • Compare and Combine Multiple Documents 
  • Module Five: Review Questions 

Module Six: Wrapping Up 

  • Words from the Wise 
  • Review of Parking Lot 
  • Completion of Action Plans and Evaluations 
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