GIS Remote Sensing and Geospatial Analysis
Course Summary:

This course introduces students to Geographic Information Systems. The course comprises of lectures, tutorials and practicals. The lectures cover topics related to the history of mapping and the construction of identity through maps. Tutorials are used to discuss introductory topics in computer science, co-ordinate systems and database design. ArcGIS is used to teach students how to use GIS software during the practicals.

Course Objectives:

  • Acquire a thorough knowledge of remote sensing principles
  • Spectral signatures
  • Steps and knowledge of pre-processing satellite images: Geometric, Radiometric, Atmospheric corrections
  • Get familiarized with present satellite remote sensing platforms
  • How to create basic custom algorithms for any material being investigated
  • Understand the physics of EM radiation
  • Geospatial data access and software
  • Understand the physical principles behind the interaction of EM radiation and multiple types of land cover (vegetation, water, minerals, rocks, etc.)
  • Understand how atmospheric components can affect a signal recorded by remote sensing platforms and how to correct for them

Course Outline

  • Interaction of electromagnetic energy and targets on Earth’s surface
  • Characteristics of remotely-sensed data
  • Earth observation sensors
  • Image analysis and interpretation
  • Applications of multispectral / hyperspectral remote sensing
  • Applications of lidar / radar remote sensing
  • Light and Electromagnetic Spectrum
  • Atmosphere and Surface Interactions with EM Radiation
  • Rayleigh and Mie Scattering
  • Passive vs Active Sensors
  • Multispectral vs Hyperspectral
  • Spectral Signatures
  • LiDAR Technology
  • Main Resolution Types
  • Satellite Sensors
  • Research and summarize a sensor of your choice
  • Digital Numbers and Geometric Calibration
  • Radiometric Calibration
  • Atmospheric Corrections
  • Classification of Features
  • Geological Spectral Signatures
  • Custom Ratios
  • Software for Remote Sensing and Data Access
  • Remote Sensing Cheat Sheet and Reference Guide
  • Test your Understanding of Remote Sensing Principles