Tourism and Hospitality Management: Offline Casino Operations, Travel Agency Services, and Accommodation Grading
Course Summary:

This course provides an in-depth study of tourism and hospitality management, with a focus on offline casino operations, travel agency services, and accommodation grading. Students will learn about the fundamentals of casino operations and management, including marketing strategies, gaming regulations, and customer service. They will also gain insights into the travel industry, including the role of travel agencies, tour operators, and travel wholesalers. Additionally, the course will cover the importance of accommodation grading and its impact on tourism, including the use of industry standards to evaluate the quality of hotels, resorts, and other lodging establishments.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the fundamentals of casino operations, including gaming regulations and customer service.
  • Analyze marketing strategies for offline casinos, and explore ways to attract and retain customers.
  • Understand the role of travel agencies, tour operators, and travel wholesalers in the travel industry.
  • Analyze the impact of tourism on the economy, including the benefits and challenges associated with tourism development.
  • Understand the importance of accommodation grading, and its impact on the tourism industry.
  • Learn about industry standards and best practices for evaluating the quality of hotels, resorts, and other lodging establishments.
  • Analyze trends and issues in the tourism and hospitality industry, and explore potential solutions to address them.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • Offline Casino Operations
    • Introduction to casino management
    • Marketing strategies for offline casinos
    • Gaming regulations and compliance
    • Customer service and satisfaction
    • Responsible gaming practices
  • Travel Agency Services
    • Role of travel agencies in the travel industry
    • Tour operators and travel wholesalers
    • Travel agency operations and management
    • Emerging trends in travel agency services
  • Tourism Handling and Accommodation Grading
    • Overview of tourism handling
    • Accommodation grading and classification
    • Industry standards for evaluating lodging establishments
    • Best practices for improving accommodation quality
  • Tourism and Economic Development
    • Economic impact of tourism
    • Benefits and challenges of tourism development
    • Sustainable tourism practices
    • Case studies of successful tourism development projects
  • Emerging Trends and Issues in Tourism and Hospitality Management
    • Technological advancements and their impact on the industry
    • Changing consumer behavior and expectations
    • Environmental and social responsibility in the industry
    • Innovative approaches to tourism and hospitality management
  • Field Trips and Guest Speakers
    • Visits to offline casinos, travel agencies, and lodging establishments
    • Guest speakers from the tourism and hospitality industry
    • Industry-specific events and conferences
  • Final Project
    • Research-based project on a topic related to tourism and hospitality management
    • Presentation of the project to the class
    • Peer and instructor evaluation of the project
  • Course Review and Assessment
    • Recap of course content and key takeaways
    • Evaluation of student performance through quizzes, assignments, and class participation
    • Feedback and recommendations for future learning opportunities in the field of tourism and hospitality management.