Anti-Corruption, Integrity& Corporate Governance

Executive Leadership and Management of Organisations
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Course Overview

The course presents an in-depth survey of methods and best practices taken by governments, non-governmental organizations (“NGOs”), and other stakeholders to eradicate corruption and promote transparency. The course reviews elements in public sector management commonly known as “good governance,” the causes and effects of corruption, and undertakes a comparative study of domestic and multilateral efforts to eliminate corruption. Additionally, the course examines the history, foundation and main provisions of the United Nations Convention against Corruption and other international instruments designed to curb corruption and their implications for governance and transparency worldwide. Participants will be expected to fashion an anti-corruption strategy that fits their country’s individual needs and circumstances in recognition of the need to include the full range of stakeholders.

Course Outcomes

  • Recognise and describe the ethical frameworks applicable to the delivery of public service
  • Analyse the impact of corruption on public value and benefit, whilst identifying the key challenges in promoting and administering ethics and integrity within the public sector
  • Demonstrate an understanding of corruption and misconduct from both a comparative / historical and domestic / international context
  • Apply theoretical perspectives to the understanding of why corruption and misconduct can arise
  • apply and evaluate different approaches for addressing integrity assurance and corruption prevention
  • Strategise on how to build resilience within an anti-corruption or integrity assurance work environment
  • Understand and apply management strategies to corruption and integrity issues.
  • Adopt the appropriate mechanism for effective governance
  • Value the shareholder and stakeholder rights and responsibilities
  • Adhere to sound principles of direction and management
  • Understand the significance of audit committee, its composition and responsibilities
  • Implement best practices on corporate management
  • Understand current developments in corporate governance and its environment: an overview of the legal structure of corporate governance; theories of corporate governance
  • Comparative dimensions of corporate governance: global convergence or path dependence
  • Understand  corporate ethics
  • Encourage shareholder activism: merits and feasibility


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Course Outline

Corruption Prevention and Integrity Assurance

  • Understanding the Challenges of Corruption Prevention and Integrity Assurance
  •  Corruption Prevention Strategy and Programs
  •  Corruption Governance Models
  •  Politicisation and Work Place Culture

Foundations of Corruption and Misconduct

  • Ethical Models In the Public Sector
  • Types of Corruption and Misconduct
  • The Key Challenge of Corruption
  • Theories of Corruption Behaviour

Mechanisms to curb corruption –(Mitigating Corruption-related Risk with Auditing and Internal Controls )

  • Assessing the adequacy of internal controls and assuring internal audit independence and effectiveness
  • Evaluating auditing techniques, procedures, and requirements Identifying internal audit tools and practices that can mitigate corruption-related risks
  • Disseminating remedies to mitigate internal control weaknesses

Public Sector Mechanism

  • Government ethics and integrity
  • Government oversight
  • Transparency in procurement
  • Financial regulatory mechanisms

Private Sector Issues and Mechanisms

  • Issues of financial integrity
  • Maintaining financial integrity
  • Role of accounting
  • Codes of ethics

Civil Society Mechanisms

  • Roles and activities of Transparency International
  • The right to information
  • Free and independent media
  • The role of stakeholders: parliamentarians, judges, civil society, NGOs and media

Creating a Transparent & Accountable Government

  • Determining the goals and objectives of an effective anti-corruption strategy
  • Realizing the importance of creating a solid integrity infrastructure within an organization
  • Developing realistic Standards of Conduct and corresponding Table of Offenses necessary to implement an effective anti-corruption strategy
  • Understanding what should and should not be included as part of anti-corruption training programs
  • Demonstrating results of anti-corruption efforts to gain public trust

 Corporate Governance

  • What is Corporate Governance
  • Definitions and Importance of Corporate Governance
  • Reputation and Corporate Governance
  • Corporate Ethics
  • Corporate Governance and Corporate Responsibility
  • Globalization and Corporate Governance

Models and Mechanisms

  • Models of Corporate Governance
  • Mechanisms of Corporate Governance

Shareholders and Stakeholders

  • Shareholder Rights
  • Equitable Treatment
  • Responsibilities of Shareholders
  • Minority Shareholders’ Protection
  • Stakeholder Protection

Board of Directors

  • Structure and Independence of the Board
  • Responsibilities and Duties of the Board
  • Selection, Remuneration and Evaluation of the Board
  • Board Committees
  • The Board and the Management

Audit Committee

  • Organization of Audit Committee 
  • Responsibilities of the Audit Committee 
  • Working with Auditors and Management 
  • Blue Ribbon Committee

Corporate Scandals

  • General Motors
  • American Express
  • Enron
  • WorldCom
  • Bad Corporate Practices
  • Challenges of Coporate Gorvernace in Public Sector
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